Illegally Parked Bicycles

Parking of bicycles is never allowed in corridors, stairwells, exit pathways, or anywhere else where it may impede emergency exit from a building. This applies even if there is no signage specifically prohibiting bicycle parking. Pursuant to the California Code of Regulations, Title 19 (Art. 3.11), which states that no storage of any kind may be placed in an exit regardless of the required width.

Some campus buildings allow bicycles to be stored in individual offices or designated bike storage rooms, if you are unsure if your bicycle is legally parked please call the Campus Fire Marshal’s Office at 642-3073.

If a bicycle is illegally blocking exit pathways, then an effort should be made by the building staff to contact the owner to remove an illegally parked bicycle. If this is not possible, then the UCPD may be contacted and a complaint issued. The police will respond and impound the bicycle.

The campus’ Traffic and Parking Code authorizes certain University personnel to impound bicycles and may remove the securing mechanism using whatever reasonable measures are necessary. Any bicycle impounded shall be stored in a secure facility designated for bicycle storage. A fee shall be charged to the owner prior to the release of any impounded bicycle. For more information please see the complete University of California, Traffic and Parking Code.