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Acutely Hazardous Materials Management Program (AHMMP)
Administrative Services
Aerial Lift and Elevating Work Platform Safety Program
Asbestos Safety
BBQ and Fire Use at a Campus Event
Biohazardous Waste Management
Biological Agents or Materials Use
Biological Use Authorization (BUA)
Biosafety Inspection Program - Inspection Resources
Biosafety Program
Building and Department Safety
Campus Environmental and Workplace Safety Policies
Campus Resources for Environmental Protection
Campus Resources for the DSC
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Chemical Inventory Program
Christmas Tree Fire Safety on Campus
Compressed Gas Cylinders
Confined Space
Construction Coordination
Contact the Webmaster
Contact Us
Controlled Substances Disposal
Controlled Substances Used in Research
Crane/Hoist Safety Program
Dedicated Spill Response Team
Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) Program
Drain Disposal Restrictions (Wastewater Quality)
EH&S Fact Sheets
EH&S Forms
EH&S Guidelines
EH&S Inspections
EH&S Recharge Services
EH&S Resources for a Building Coordinator
EH&S Resources for a Construction Manager
EH&S Resources for a Contractor
EH&S Resources for a Department Safety Coordinator (DSC)
EH&S Resources for a Groundskeeper
EH&S Resources for a Laboratory Worker
EH&S Resources for a Maintenance Worker
EH&S Resources for a Principal Investigator (PI)
EH&S Resources for a Student
EH&S Resources for an MSO
EH&S Resources for an Office Worker
EH&S Resources for Faculty
EH&S Resources for Staff
EH&S Resources for Working at an Off-Site Location
EH&S Resources for Working at Physical Plant
EH&S Resources for Working in a Classroom
EH&S Resources for Working in a Laboratory
EH&S Resources for Working in a Shop
EH&S Resources for Working in a Sports Facility
EH&S Resources for Working in an Art Studio
EH&S Resources for Working in an Office
EH&S Resources for Working in the Community
EH&S Resources for Working on Campus Grounds
EH&S Resources for Working on Outdoor Utilities
EH&S Strategic Plan
EH&S Strategic Plan - Customer Focus
EH&S Strategic Plan - People Focus
EH&S Strategic Plan - Process Focus
EH&S Strategic Plan - Resource Focus
Electrical Safety
Employee Receives Electrical Shock - March 2004
Energy Isolation: Lock Out/Tag Out
Environmental Management System (EMS)
Fall Protection Program
Field Safety
Fire and Evacuation Drills
Fire and Life Safety Education
Fire and Life Safety Inspections
Fire and Life Safety Self-inspection Checklist for UC Berkeley Building Staff
Fire Extinguisher Information
Fire Prevention Forms and Permits
Fire Prevention Resources & Links
Fire Safety Reports
Fire/Evacuation Drill Record
Flammable & Combustible Liquids Storage
Food Permit, Temporary Special Event
Forklift and Industrial Work Truck Safety
Forklift Rollover - December 2006
Frequently Asked Questions
Fume Hoods
Glass Reactor Over-pressurization Causes Serious Injury to Grad Student Researcher - October 2011
Glove Selection and Usage
Groundwater Quality
Hazard Communication
Hazardous Material Management Resources
Hazardous Materials Shipping
Hazardous Waste Program (HWP)
Hearing Conservation
Indoor Air Quality
Industrial Equipment
Industrial Safety
Information for Requesting a Hands-on Fire Extinguisher Class
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Template and Forms
Inspection and Audit Information for the DSC
Instructions on How to Use the Hazardous Waste Program
International Shipments
Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Library
Laboratory and Shop Inspection Program
Laboratory and Shop Self-Assessment Program - 2013
Laboratory Safety
Laboratory Safety Manual
Ladder Safety
Laser Safety Forms
Laser Safety in Research Laboratories - July 2003
Laser Safety Program
Laser Safety Training Supplement
Laser Use Registration (LUR)
Lessons Learned
LOTO - Introduction
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Missing Guard on Incubator Fan Injures Post Doc - July 2007
New Department Safety Coordinator Corner
Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety (non-laser)
Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Committee
Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Manual
Off-Campus Housing Fire Prevention and Life Safety
Office Safety
Oleylamine Chemical Burn - December 2008
Outdoor Air Quality
Paper Cutter Guards - November 2000
Peroxide Explosion Injures Campus Researcher - November 2006
Plan Review and Construction Inspection
Plan Review and Construction Inspection Services
Policies and Responsibilities
Posters - Be Smart About Safety
Potentially Explosive Chemicals
Pressurized Dewar Cap is Blown Off and Causes Minor Injury - February 2009
Q-Brace Bracing Illustrations
Q-Brace: Non-structural Seismic Safety
Radiation Safety Committee
Radiation Safety Forms and Additional Resources
Radiation Safety Training
Radiation Surveys
Radiation Use Authorization (RUA)
Radioactive Waste Management
Research Compliance Advisory Committee (RCAC)
Resources on Campus
Respiratory Protection
Responsibility for Environment, Health and Safety
Sanitation Program
Scientific Diving & Small Boat Safety Board
Select Agents Program
Shop Safety Program
Spare The Air
Spare The Air - Winter
Special Event Safe Food Handling Practices
Special Events & Barbeques
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
Strawberry Creek Environmental Quality Committee
Surface Water Quality
Tips on Conducting an Emergency Evacuation Drill
Toxic Gas Program
Training (All EH&S)
Training, Emergency Response and Audit Team and Programs
UC Berkeley Authorized Hazardous Materials Shipping Pick-up Locations
Wastewater Quality